Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I pay each time I see the doctor?

A:  No, your annual fee covers all phone calls, emails, text messages, and office or home visits.

Q:  What if I need an X-ray, procedure or a test that is not part of the routine services of Club Level Healthcare?

A:  If your medical needs fall outside the scope of Club Level Healthcare then you have a couple of options.  First, if it can be performed by your practitioner then you will be offered a very competitive cash option for the procedure.  You may choose whether you would like to pay the stated fee, or prefer for the practitioner to write an order for the procedure and help coordinate your appointment with a specialist or other outside facility; in this case you are free to file the procedure with your insurance provider.

Q:  Do I need to keep my primary care doctor?

A:  That is up to you.  Many people will use Club Level Healthcare as their primary care physician because annual physicals (including routine blood work), urgent care, office visits, and consults are included as part of the service.  However, some prefer to keep their current primary care physician and use Club Level Healthcare primarily for urgent care and 24/7 on-call services, which are virtually impossible for typical primary care offices.

Q:  Is the annual fee an approved expense for FSA or HSA accounts?

A:  We believe most insurance providers will allow the annual fee as an approved expense to these accounts.  However, you must check with your insurance provider and make certain it qualifies.  This is a new approach to healthcare and we have found there are no clear cut answers to what each insurance provider will allow.  We are happy to help with explanations if you require more information for your particular provider.

Q:  If I call my doctor at 3:00am will he answer the phone?

A:  Probably not.  Most likely your doctor is asleep, but he will be awakened by his alarm or pager and he will respond to your text, phone call, or message within 2 hours per our Patient Agreement.  We ask that our patients use their best judgment in this case.  If the matter is so urgent that it requires a 3:00am phone call, then it is likely your practitioner will direct you to call 911 and get to the emergency room.  If that is the case, we would not want you to wait for a call back from your doctor but instead go directly to the emergency room.  If it is not life-threatening, then we would hope you might wait until the morning.

Q:  Can I get a house call instead of coming into the office to be seen?

A:  Yes, house calls are available as needed depending on location and health related factors.   Meeting at the Club Level Healthcare office is preferred as the facility is fully equipped to handle the patient’s needs.  You and your doctor will determine the best option for you to be seen.  Our goal is to make this as convenient as possible for the patient.

Q:  If I have a problem can I just walk in the office.

A:  Maybe…if the doctor happens to be there and is not currently with another patient then he or she will be happy to see you immediately.  However, if the practitioner is there, he is likely to be with another patient so this is not recommended.  What is recommended is that you send your practitioner a text message letting him or her know that you would like to stop by the office.  The practitioner will respond as quickly as possible and let you know when he can see you.  The reply will be within 2 hours and the visit within 24 hours.

Q:  What if my need is not life-threatening but it is urgent, do I have to wait up to two hours for a return phone call?

A:  Our goal is to always return calls/messages immediately; however, since you are corresponding directly with your doctor, there may be times when he is with another patient and cannot conveniently call you immediately.  If your need is urgent, not life-threatening, a text message briefly explaining the urgency will allow your physician to better understand the situation and possibly excuse himself for a moment to return your call.

Q:  Why doesn’t Club Level Healthcare accept insurance?

A:  The current healthcare climate is very uncertain.  It is very difficult to know what is going to happen with insurance coverage in the next 12 month period.  For that reason, Club Level Healthcare has made the decision to not accept or file insurance.  Our agreements are for 12 month periods, and you will notice that we stipulate that agreements are subject to modification at renewal.  Insurance will be something that could possibly change when your agreement renews.  Of course, you will be notified of any changes at that time, and will have the opportunity to choose whether or not you would like to continue as a patient of Club Level Healthcare.

Q.  If I belong to Club Level Healthcare, will the doctor also see my spouse or partner?

A.  No, if you have paid for a single membership your spouse or partner is not considered a patient of Club level Healthcare.  A main premise of Club level Healthcare is to limit the number of patients each practitioner has so that those patients have unequalled access to, and time with their doctor.  If non-member spouses or partners are seen, it will overload the doctor and potentially jeopardize the other patients’ level of care.  We do offer discounts for spouses or partners to make it more affordable for families.  Please see our pricing schedule for details.

Q.  Will I always see and/or talk to the same physician?

A.  When you sign up for Club Level Healthcare, you will sign up under a single practitioner of your choice (assuming there is space in that particular practice).  The goal is that every time you talk to, or visit a practitioner it is “your” doctor.  There may be times when your doctor is on vacation or otherwise unavailable and in that case you will talk to, or see, the covering practitioner.  There will never be a time when you are unable to reach, or see, a licensed practitioner.